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  • Nintendo DS Games  v.1.0Nintendo-DS-Games - Nintendo DS Action Games, Nintendo DS Adventure Games, Nintendo DS Classic Games, Nintendo DS Fighting Games, Nintendo DS Puzzle Games, Nintendo DS Strategy Games, Nintendo DS Simulation Games at ...
  • Superfighter  v.1Become the master of all fighting games that ever were in superfighter!
  • Arcade Game Bird Brawl  v.1.0Arade game cross of Angry Birds and Smash Brothers, Bird Brawl follows the flight pattern of other fast-paced multiplayer fighting games.
  • Fight Me!  v.rcAre you a blind gamer? Have you ever played those fighting games sighted players play? Do you ever wonder what's happening on the screen? Fight Me! is for ...
  • PainTown  v.3.5.0Paintown is a 2d side scrolling beatem-up engine. Paintown supports game styles similar to the Sega Genesis game, Streets of Rage 2, as well as traditional 1 vs 1 fighting games through an implementation of MUGEN. Many aspects of Paintown are ...
  • Free and Open Source Smackdown (FOSS)  v.1.0Mod-friendly framework for the creation of 3D-rendered, two-dimensional fighting games. Default character-set features open source mascots (e.g. Tux). A cross-platform Super Smash Bros. clone.
  • Arcade Force Game Directory Browser  v.1.0Internet directory for online (web browser based), console, PC, and emulation games, cheats, and resources in a comprehensive range of game categories and platforms. Categories covered include action, adventure, fighting, horror, Internet, pets, p ...
  • Zerogear  v.1.01Frantic combats, many hours of fun to become the Zerogear Champion! Zerogear is fun for all ages. Its simplicity makes it great for first timer to fighting game genre. Eight robots, each has a selection of moves provides variety of strategies.
  • Battle Now  v.2.0Battle Now is a free kids game where you have to use the right fighting strategy to win. Choose your attack and defense strategy. After each battle you won you will earn a certain amount of points. You can use those points to buy new equipment.
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